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~ Welcome to Cedar Ridge ~
On behalf of the Cedar Ridge Owners' Association, we would like to welcome you to Cedar Ridge.  Cedar Ridge is located just south of I-80 within minutes of the Utah Olympic Park and two major ski resorts - Park City and Deer Valley
We hope you will find Cedar Ridge a lovely and enjoyable place to live.  About 50% of the residents live here full time while the other 50% enjoy the neighborhood for only part of the year. 
Cedar Ridge is a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Subdivision.  As such, the subdivision is made up of units owned and occupied by owners and Common Areas owned by a non-profit corporation called Cedar Ridge Owners' Association.  The affairs are conducted by a Board of Trustees and are governed by the Bylaws, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) and Policies of Cedar Ridge.  The CC&R's should have been included with your closing documents when you purchased your property.  If you haven't received a copy of the governing documents, including the Association’s resolutions and policies, please access them on this website under the Governing Documents section.  Please also see the Owner's Handbook and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

~ Updates ~
New email address for property manager: In order to streamline our process, please use the email address propertymanager@cedarridgeoa.com to contact the property manager. That should be your point of contact when trying to contact the property manager. The old address will be monitored but we encourage you to use the new address. 
2021 Recycling Calendar: Please note that glass containers are not recyclable, but can be dropped off at the bins across from the Ecker Hill Middle School in the bus transit parking lot. 
 A Pinebrook Pool for 2022
Over the last four months, the Pinebrook Pool Committee has been working to bring a new non-profit membership-based pool facility to Pinebrook to be built on a parcel of land adjacent to Pinebrook Park. Because the pool facility cannot be built with homeowner association funds, it must be member funded and can only be built if there is enough interest (ideally 200 Pinebrook households).  During the week of December 14th all homeowners within our homeowner association should receive a postcard in their mailbox with information on the project. The postcard provides some basic information, and more details, including information on how to become a member, can be found at the pool website at pool4pinebrook.weebly.com.  There will be virtual information sessions on January 12th and 14th (see details on the pool website). Signed membership agreements and deposits need to be submitted by January 31st, and initial memberships will be limited to the first 200 received.  A waitlist will be established if more than 200 signed membership agreements are received.  Please send any questions to pool4pinebrook@gmail.com after reviewing the pool website.  

~ Upcoming Events ~
Board Meeting
Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 6:30 PM
The next board meeting will be held virtually on  Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.  Please let the property manager, John Hernandez, if you would like to attend.  


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